Sunday, December 19, 2010

basically oldtimers like olaf and me thought back in 2000 that the societal and sustainability purposes of NGOs could create massive online collaborative conversations- so we spent many months of our afterhours time between 2001 and 2005 trying to host this around the european union which had converged on one virtual community and was also hosting intercity events including collaboration cafe modelled after my friend harrison owen's 30 years of open space networking- specifically olav was in editorial control of all ngo conversations and I was animating discussions on how to measure social/intellectual capitals of trust and positive emotional intelligences in every collaboration network

we failed or at least I did- while i may have made some mistakes I believe the whole thing failed because bureaucrats at eu wanted the whole of knowledgeboard ruled top-down and siloised by experts whereas I at least wanted bottom up and open interdisciciplinary and cross cultural reconciliations informed by much more transparency mapping of compound risk and locality of conflicts

so i went my own way mainly to go study bangladesh as the world leading paradigm bottom up and mobilised empowerment of end poverty solutions and I believe that olav decided to focus on Brazil while still working as a technology leader for rabobank in netherlands -incidentally my friends in dhaka are debriefing muhammad yunus tomorrow on youth economics happy 2013 card which he hope he will co-sign ... say if you want to be circulated on that conversation

if mit team can introduce what they most aim to do during Brazil trip, Olav may be able to make a recommendation or two

chris macrae    washington dc 301 881 1655 skype chrismacraedc
ps i am passionate about any ways we can get back to netgeneration being most productive time for worldwide youth- unfortunately knowledgeboard was the second of 3 times that with my staistical hat on I have done some massive research on eu processes only to find nobody in brussels wanting to listen- the first was in 1995 while working for price waterhouse coopers - i was asked to survey how all SME eu grants to portugal had been used - my conclusions that PEDIP grants were systemicly wasteful and anti-youth weren't accepted then and in my mind today explain the lost generation policy that euro-economics has spun through greece, spain, portugal etc

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